16 Nov

Current Education: Changing the Dimension

By Christopher McFarland The election season has passed, yet I want to focus on something that was considered a “hot topic.” Education is something we all want to improve—for the youth of tomorrow and the adults of today. The educational system is changing, and people are being re-educated at all stages of life. I hope […]

26 Oct

3D Fashion and Marketing: Interactive Selling Gone Dutch

by Christopher McFarland Fall is here, and we all know that means new marketing campaigns. This season, fashion has moved into a new marketing realm: 3D interaction. Two major companies have begun to incorporate 3D technology to display and attract consumers to their newest clothing lines, including shoes, hats and jackets. German-based Adidas AG has […]

18 Oct

Cartoons in a New Format: The 3D World Continues to Rise

by Christopher McFarland My youth was full of cartoons and comics: in all honesty, you could not pull me away from either of these forms of entertainment when I was young. Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, G.I. Joe, and Yogi Bear were at the top of my cartoon list. They were something to talk about—soap operas for […]

11 Oct

3D-Bee Stings at 5th Annual 3D Summit

by Christopher McFarland The stars, the sand and 3D technology? The city of Angels may be the dream of actors, but it was the dream destination of the tech savvy this week. 3D is flourishing in Hollywood, and it’s not only about the films, but the format. The 5th Annual 3D Summit was held in […]

04 Oct

3D Astronomy

Humans first looked up to the sky and started observing it as early as they developed the ability of abstract thinking. It’s been many centuries, even millenniums, since the first man wondered what the stars, the sun and the moon were made of, and what their nature was.  In prehistoric times, when people were only […]

29 Aug

Rendering the World Around You

by Christopher McFarland In today’s world it seems like everything boils down to two ideas: real versus rendered! I’m still shocked to look at a magazine, see an interesting image, and then consult with the Internet to find that those “shots” of homes, cars and people are all rendered! I did further research and I […]

10 Aug

Everything is in the Eye of the Beholder

by Christopher McFarland Initially after watching the short film SIGHT, I felt a few different sensations: interest, fear, confusion and outright respect for the art in general. The film was directed by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. The two had a great relationship and you can tell. This piece of work conjures the fears of […]

27 Jul

London on Fire: 2012 Olympics are technologically driven!

by Christopher McFarland The 2012 London Olympic Games, what an amazing world event!I have a special place I my heart for the Olympics: I simply feel like I am part of an ancient tradition. Unlike in 776BC, this year the games will be mega-upgraded! We have come a long way since 776BC and the technology […]

16 Jul

Healthy Lunch? Google begins to nibble on Apples.

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Google has been slowly developing themselves into a brand and a lifestyle. Maybe, the brand that will eat Apple Inc. for lunch with the launching of new 3D Internet technology! First, Google has just released their version of maps, which is amazing and posted in the link below. But, what is next? I always find […]

06 Jul

Digital Doppelgängers are Coming

Are you ready for your digital Doppelgänger? What would you look like and what kind of business would you conduct? An avatar is a digital character that can carry out duties in a digital world. It does all the moving and you control the character from your remote location. With the Internet projected to be […]

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