03 Nov

Axonom Released 3D Visual Product Configurator

Axonom, a global provider of product configurator software, has created a unique solution that helps both sales and customers to interactively build and design products, generate quotes, and complete orders quickly and accurately. The solution is called Powertrak and it provides users with drag-and-drop functionality to build a custom product by freely adding, removing and […]

01 Sep

Creabis Developed 3D Web Configurator for Online Prototyping

Creabis has created a 3D prototyping and manufacturing configurator that can be integrated into websites, helping companies offer their customers customized products. The application enables users without CAD experience to configure the size and design of a component directly in a web browser. An example can be found at OKW Gehausesysteme GmbH’s website, www.concept-case.com.

20 Jan

Coded Augmentation for the Next Generation

Augmented Reality is a growing source of 3D in the marketing and advertising world. Visualization for the consumer is a growing necessity. The ability to grab attention, enable interactivity and perform functions all within the hands is a game changer in the ever changing world to pull consumers to a product that is not there. […]

09 Dec

Scanning and Exploring the Terra Cotta Army

The ancient and mystical Terra Cotta Warriors of ancient China has captivated historians and tourist since their discovery in 1974. One of the most intricate and customized pieces of history to ever exist, the 8,000+ warriors have always under the impression that each individual soldier is unique. With 3D technology and incorporating algorithm to high […]

03 Dec

3D scanner to help reduce diseases

Outside the business world, 3D has multiple new applications that potentially will enhance healthcare, diagnostics as well as delivery of medication and treatment. New Zealand doctors and scientist have created the world’s first 3D scanner for medical purposes. Giving doctors 3D imagery of the human body, going in depth to molecular levels. Enabling doctors to […]

25 Nov

Next Generation 3D PoS

Point of Sales material has always been a go to for new technology and approaches. Anything to swing a customer’s opinion, taste and ultimately, wallet towards a product. 3D technology recently has crossed the threshold for PoS devices. Display Mapper, a division of Projection Artworks has announced a 3D daylight-visible Mirrorbox. This freestanding box can […]

21 Nov

Wine never looked so good

The trend of 3D photography and immersive technology is continuing to spread to further industries. As seen before, 3D tech is coming to a phone near you as standard and within a year or so, every phone will have the capabilities to produce some sort of 3D imagery. Matterport, a Californian based startup just received […]

19 Nov

3D Surveying Damage

3D mapping and construction of visualization maps and tools have been around for quite some time. Starting from some military technology from the 90’s on, it has slowly trickled down to a less militant level. The Army Corp of Engineers have developed a laser-guided tool attached to an ATV to survey the damages, terrain and […]

14 Nov

3D enhancing the Fashion industry

The growth of 3D is catching into all markets as we know. One industry that is exploring the future for 3D materials is the textiles and fashion industry. Within means of design, textures, trendiness, and workability, the fashion industry is looking to explore the traditional ways of swatches and product and material samples. By developing […]

10 Nov

Projecting the Future

The world of 3D, as we all know is growing daily. The functionalities and versatility of the 3rd dimension is also growing. What was once the infamous scene from Star Wars back in 1977, where everyone’s favorite droid R2-D2 projected a 3D hologram and message, is soon to be coming to your own Droid (or […]

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