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12 Jun

3Doodler: The world’s first 3D pen

The use of 3D technology is becoming increasingly important for various industries including; manufacturing, home building, health care, commercial product marketing, etc. Of course, the entertainment industry has been involved in 3D for quite some time, as a result the invention of the 3doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen has been created. The 3doodler […]

15 Feb

A Gun Model Has Been Successfully Printed With a 3D Printer

Neometrix Technologies Company created a model gun with a high-tech 3D printer. Company CEO Dan Perrault told “Fox Life” how his company created the first 3D printed gun. According to him, the team downloaded a 3D model of a handgun from the Internet and then plugged it into the printer, which printed it layer by […]

14 Dec

Interview with the Winner of the Neo-Humanity Illustration Competition

Today we are going to introduce our readers to the winners of the Neo-Humanity Illustration Competition arranged by the “2045” Strategic Social Initiative in October 2012 and tell about their competitive artwork which was awarded 1st place by on-line voters. Scott Sturges, the founder of DreamSoft Inc., came across the info about the competition in […]

18 Oct

Cartoons in a New Format: The 3D World Continues to Rise

by Christopher McFarland My youth was full of cartoons and comics: in all honesty, you could not pull me away from either of these forms of entertainment when I was young. Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, G.I. Joe, and Yogi Bear were at the top of my cartoon list. They were something to talk about—soap operas for […]

27 Jul

London on Fire: 2012 Olympics are technologically driven!

by Christopher McFarland The 2012 London Olympic Games, what an amazing world event!I have a special place I my heart for the Olympics: I simply feel like I am part of an ancient tradition. Unlike in 776BC, this year the games will be mega-upgraded! We have come a long way since 776BC and the technology […]

16 Jul

Healthy Lunch? Google begins to nibble on Apples.

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Google has been slowly developing themselves into a brand and a lifestyle. Maybe, the brand that will eat Apple Inc. for lunch with the launching of new 3D Internet technology! First, Google has just released their version of maps, which is amazing and posted in the link below. But, what is next? I always find […]

06 Jun

Map Games: The 3rd dimension has arrived.

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By Christopher McFarland America is home of the “melting pot”. Throw a few things together and we will create something new, novel and niche. This is the American way!  In my research I have found an interesting trend: the symbiosis of architecture and cartography. These are two things that I was in love with as […]

08 Mar

3D Web Design Technologies – The Future Begins Today

People become more and more dependent on various data and information not only at work, but also in their everyday life. Today our involvement within the IT-sphere is carried out not only via our PCs, but also through various gadgets, smart phones, communicators and other devices that have become an integral part of our life. […]

05 Mar

3D animation / 3D Animation Company

The potential of 3D animation is endless, and it has yet to be fully discovered.  With the number of uses for 3D animation is constantly growing, 3D animation is now beyond movies and cartoons. It has found its way into architecture, product promotion and advertising – all in 3D. As virtual reality is becoming more […]

01 Mar

3D Games – Unity

What is so special about the Unity3d engine? How come it found its place among Top 10 Game Engines in next to no time? Why are Flash and Shockwave gradually giving way to it?  Let us have a closer look. Unity is more than a game engine; it’s a tool, which is multiply integrated with […]

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