Category: 3D broadcast

10 Nov

Projecting the Future

The world of 3D, as we all know is growing daily. The functionalities and versatility of the 3rd dimension is also growing. What was once the infamous scene from Star Wars back in 1977, where everyone’s favorite droid R2-D2 projected a 3D hologram and message, is soon to be coming to your own Droid (or […]

29 Nov

Narenda Modi: The Holographic Politician

Narenda Modi, an Indian politician, has begun to set a new course for political debate. Right on the heels of the American presidential elections, India is coming into its political season, although in a bit more high-tech style. For those of you who do not know Mr. Modi, or NaMo for short, he is the […]

11 Oct

3D-Bee Stings at 5th Annual 3D Summit

by Christopher McFarland The stars, the sand and 3D technology? The city of Angels may be the dream of actors, but it was the dream destination of the tech savvy this week. 3D is flourishing in Hollywood, and it’s not only about the films, but the format. The 5th Annual 3D Summit was held in […]

27 Jul

London on Fire: 2012 Olympics are technologically driven!

by Christopher McFarland The 2012 London Olympic Games, what an amazing world event!I have a special place I my heart for the Olympics: I simply feel like I am part of an ancient tradition. Unlike in 776BC, this year the games will be mega-upgraded! We have come a long way since 776BC and the technology […]