Category: 3d exterior

20 Jan

Coded Augmentation for the Next Generation

Augmented Reality is a growing source of 3D in the marketing and advertising world. Visualization for the consumer is a growing necessity. The ability to grab attention, enable interactivity and perform functions all within the hands is a game changer in the ever changing world to pull consumers to a product that is not there. […]

17 Jul

Chicago Gets 3D Printed

Both printed and online maps serve for giving us an excellent perspective on the cities, towns, localities and other places. As for miniature city models, they can give us even better sense of location for every building and every street, creating an effect of real presence and participation. This idea provided the basis for the […]

22 Apr

A Fully 3D-printed House To Be Built In Amsterdam

Dus Architects, an Amsterdam-based company, plans to print a house using a 3D printer. The printer will create the homes’ components and building materials right on the construction site! By the end of this year the fully printed facade of the building is going to be erected, while the rest of the project will take […]

03 Apr

3D Immersion

Immersive virtual reality implies the detailed presentation of cyberspace to the user with the maximal use of their sensory organs.  In addition, the simulation of the user’s presence within the virtual cyberspace by means of accurate transmission of their movements. 3D immersion is a very popular trend today. Technologies that blur the line between physical […]

05 Mar

3D animation / 3D Animation Company

The potential of 3D animation is endless, and it has yet to be fully discovered.  With the number of uses for 3D animation is constantly growing, 3D animation is now beyond movies and cartoons. It has found its way into architecture, product promotion and advertising – all in 3D. As virtual reality is becoming more […]

27 Feb

3D CAD Design

Many people have heard of 3D CAD or 3D CAD design software. This article will provide a snapshot of the software’s advantages, as well as its role within 3D design development. CAD is an acronym that stands for computer-aided design. In other words, it is the use of computer technologies for design purposes. A CAD […]

24 Feb

3D Exterior Design/Architecture

More recently, 3D technologies and architecture have aligned perfectly, giving birth to new masterpieces which first appear in graphics and are later implemented in real world surroundings. Why are 3D and architecture so intertwined nowadays? For countless years architects designed buildings, houses, parks, etc, without any computer-aided tools or 3D exterior design technologies. They created […]