Category: 3D printing

01 Sep

Creabis Developed 3D Web Configurator for Online Prototyping

Creabis has created a 3D prototyping and manufacturing configurator that can be integrated into websites, helping companies offer their customers customized products. The application enables users without CAD experience to configure the size and design of a component directly in a web browser. An example can be found at OKW Gehausesysteme GmbH’s website,

18 Oct

Peachy Printer: The Newest Solution For The Household

With many common drawbacks hurdled, the known issues fixed and the innovations bar moved even higher, Rylan Grayston’s Peachy Printer is the newest solution for the household. Costing far less the the average 3D printer, the Peachy Printer costing only $100 is pursuing the marketable elements to a wider scale. With this selling point and […]

26 Aug

3D Models of Unborn Babies Are Becoming Popular in Japan

The rapidly growing 3D printing technology is giving parents a much clearer view of their unborn baby. A Japanese company Fasotec is offering to print models of fetuses from inside pregnant womens’ stomachs – and even giving them a copy to take home as a memoir of their pregnancy. The process looks like an ordinary […]