Category: 3d web interface

03 Nov

Axonom Released 3D Visual Product Configurator

Axonom, a global provider of product configurator software, has created a unique solution that helps both sales and customers to interactively build and design products, generate quotes, and complete orders quickly and accurately. The solution is called Powertrak and it provides users with drag-and-drop functionality to build a custom product by freely adding, removing and […]

21 Mar

HP Creates New Glasses-free 3D Technology for Smartphones

Researchers at HP lab have developed a new multi-angle 3D technology for mobile devices which allows for playing hologram-like videos without the need for any moving parts or glasses. The technology is a small 3D display that can produce full-parallax 3D images and videos that are viewable from up to a meter, within a 90-degree […]

10 Aug

Everything is in the Eye of the Beholder

by Christopher McFarland Initially after watching the short film SIGHT, I felt a few different sensations: interest, fear, confusion and outright respect for the art in general. The film was directed by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. The two had a great relationship and you can tell. This piece of work conjures the fears of […]

06 Jul

Digital Doppelgängers are Coming

Are you ready for your digital Doppelgänger? What would you look like and what kind of business would you conduct? An avatar is a digital character that can carry out duties in a digital world. It does all the moving and you control the character from your remote location. With the Internet projected to be […]

18 Jun

3D Web Configurators – Perfect Solution to Increase Online Sales

Today’s markets require innovative approaches to improve products presentation which implies increasingly deep involvement of potential customers in the process of new product evaluation and testing. Marketers arrange various trade shows, presentations and expos in attempt to better advertise their brands and give as much info about their products possible. But since the increasingly large […]

10 May

Patents and Webbing: Big Stakes on The Table.

By Christopher McFarland It seems that 3D webbing has a bit of politics of its own: 3D technology is simply pending a patent! I just imagine a 3D website where you see “patent pending!” Not the most interesting red-tape, but it is capitalism working at its best. It is essential for companies like ALTADYN and […]

24 Apr

3D Images are Competition

By Christopher McFarland A few have speculated that WebGL design is becoming a “critical” requirement for all Internet advertisements. I feel that WebGL design is “essential” for all Web experiences: not just for advertisement but also, for general surfing. Google has taken this idea of “essential” to the next level, providing users with an array […]

15 Mar

Waiting For 3D Web

by Christopher McFarland 2012 has only just begun, the first month of new resolutions is over and the world is ready for a huge change! As a technical trend follower, some say geek, I do believe that a 3D Internet lifestyle is fast approaching. Maybe the huge change that has been predicted will be that […]

12 Mar

See-Through 3D Displays?

By Christopher McFarland A new question is popping up within the 3D technology industry: glasses or no glasses? Would you enjoy 3D technology if the glasses were obsolete? In my opinion the 3D experiences would be simply perfect if the glasses were taken away: they are such a bother! Living a 3D experience without any extra […]