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12 May

Unity Brings Unity Game Engine to WebGL

Unity Technologies team has released the beta version of the Unity WebGL player, which brings Unity-authored 3D games to the Web without the need for plugins. It means that from now on Unity developers have an opportunity to export their content directly to the Web just using the modern desktop browsers that support WebGL (Mozilla […]

31 Mar

Unity Technologies Presented Forthcoming Features In Unity 5

The Unity Technologies team is about to release Unity 5, the latest version of its cross-platform game engine. It is available now for pre-order from the Unity Store. According to the company developers, the new capabilities of the Unity 5 include physically-based shaders, Real-time Global Illumination across high-end mobile, desktop and consoles, awesome audio, a […]

02 Dec

Cool Augmented Reality features with new Sony PS4

Sony Playstation 4 was launched November 15. The official presentation included the demonstration of very cool Augmented Reality features by an example of the game called The PlayRoom, in which you do stuff with cute little robots.

29 Aug

Rendering the World Around You

by Christopher McFarland In today’s world it seems like everything boils down to two ideas: real versus rendered! I’m still shocked to look at a magazine, see an interesting image, and then consult with the Internet to find that those “shots” of homes, cars and people are all rendered! I did further research and I […]

16 May

3D Characters Creation

Today there is a lot of excitement and buzz around 3D technologies due to the recently introduced innovations in filmmaking and IT industries. This stirs interest in everything within the 3D sphere including an increasingly large number of people all over the world.  This trend is likely to continue for many years to come.  It […]

18 Apr

The Uncanny Valley

Have you heard about the Uncanny Valley? This is not a scary movie or a horror story by Stephen King. This is a phenomenon that was first identified by the robotics professor Masahiro Mori in 1970. In layman’s terms this means a kind of glitch in the human brain. When you see an object for […]

03 Apr

3D Immersion

Immersive virtual reality implies the detailed presentation of cyberspace to the user with the maximal use of their sensory organs.  In addition, the simulation of the user’s presence within the virtual cyberspace by means of accurate transmission of their movements. 3D immersion is a very popular trend today. Technologies that blur the line between physical […]

22 Mar

Augmented Reality – Easy Navigation through Your Dreams

Augmented reality is one of the most exciting innovations in the sphere of 3D technologies of our time. It produces an extremely strong emotional effect on not only average people but also on experts, ultimately making everyone tremble with joy. Many people catch themselves thinking that this technology is something beyond their dreams and this […]

15 Mar

Waiting For 3D Web

by Christopher McFarland 2012 has only just begun, the first month of new resolutions is over and the world is ready for a huge change! As a technical trend follower, some say geek, I do believe that a 3D Internet lifestyle is fast approaching. Maybe the huge change that has been predicted will be that […]

01 Mar

3D Games – Unity

What is so special about the Unity3d engine? How come it found its place among Top 10 Game Engines in next to no time? Why are Flash and Shockwave gradually giving way to it?  Let us have a closer look. Unity is more than a game engine; it’s a tool, which is multiply integrated with […]

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