Category: 3D camera

21 Nov

Wine never looked so good

The trend of 3D photography and immersive technology is continuing to spread to further industries. As seen before, 3D tech is coming to a phone near you as standard and within a year or so, every phone will have the capabilities to produce some sort of 3D imagery. Matterport, a Californian based startup just received […]

19 Nov

3D Surveying Damage

3D mapping and construction of visualization maps and tools have been around for quite some time. Starting from some military technology from the 90’s on, it has slowly trickled down to a less militant level. The Army Corp of Engineers have developed a laser-guided tool attached to an ATV to survey the damages, terrain and […]

09 Jan

Intel Presented New 3D Technology

Intel recently announced the introduction of new 3D technology that would enable the use of voice, touch, gestures and other “human-like senses” in devices equipped with Intel microprocessors.

02 Dec

Cool Augmented Reality features with new Sony PS4

Sony Playstation 4 was launched November 15. The official presentation included the demonstration of very cool Augmented Reality features by an example of the game called The PlayRoom, in which you do stuff with cute little robots.

02 Oct

Digital Scanner Turns a Daily Commute Into a Crazy 3D Trip

Beyond the fact of coming off like a bad acid trip, this is incredible technology that is still in it’s infancy. Scanning by a camera travelling or stationary then drafting up the imagery for a 3D enviroment copy. Sooner or later this tech is going to be coming to our phones and instead of taking […]

10 Aug

Everything is in the Eye of the Beholder

by Christopher McFarland Initially after watching the short film SIGHT, I felt a few different sensations: interest, fear, confusion and outright respect for the art in general. The film was directed by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. The two had a great relationship and you can tell. This piece of work conjures the fears of […]

27 Jul

London on Fire: 2012 Olympics are technologically driven!

by Christopher McFarland The 2012 London Olympic Games, what an amazing world event!I have a special place I my heart for the Olympics: I simply feel like I am part of an ancient tradition. Unlike in 776BC, this year the games will be mega-upgraded! We have come a long way since 776BC and the technology […]