26 Aug

3D Models of Unborn Babies Are Becoming Popular in Japan

The rapidly growing 3D printing technology is giving parents a much clearer view of their unborn baby. A Japanese company Fasotec is offering to print models of fetuses from inside pregnant womens’ stomachs – and even giving them a copy to take home as a memoir of their pregnancy. The process looks like an ordinary […]

25 Jul

London Science Museum Creates a 3D Model of a Shipping Gallery

The Science Museum (London) has created a stunning 3D virtual model of a shipping gallery closed last year. The model was made from over two billion laser measurements to represent 1800 recorded gallery objects. The gallery was laser-scanned by UCL and ScanLAB Projects using a pair of terrestrial laser scanners with 360-degree views. This enabled […]

17 Jul

Chicago Gets 3D Printed

Both printed and online maps serve for giving us an excellent perspective on the cities, towns, localities and other places. As for miniature city models, they can give us even better sense of location for every building and every street, creating an effect of real presence and participation. This idea provided the basis for the […]

12 Jun

3Doodler: The world’s first 3D pen

The use of 3D technology is becoming increasingly important for various industries including; manufacturing, home building, health care, commercial product marketing, etc. Of course, the entertainment industry has been involved in 3D for quite some time, as a result the invention of the 3doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen has been created. The 3doodler […]

14 May

New Budget iPhone in 3D

The budget iPhone, which will slated to be released in September, is now a subject of wide speculation. It is even rumored that it will steal Samsung’s market share since it perfectly combines a well-known brand and competitive pricing. While the new pricing, functionality and design estimates of the device appear to be stirring up […]

22 Apr

A Fully 3D-printed House To Be Built In Amsterdam

Dus Architects, an Amsterdam-based company, plans to print a house using a 3D printer. The printer will create the homes’ components and building materials right on the construction site! By the end of this year the fully printed facade of the building is going to be erected, while the rest of the project will take […]

21 Mar

HP Creates New Glasses-free 3D Technology for Smartphones

Researchers at HP lab have developed a new multi-angle 3D technology for mobile devices which allows for playing hologram-like videos without the need for any moving parts or glasses. The technology is a small 3D display that can produce full-parallax 3D images and videos that are viewable from up to a meter, within a 90-degree […]

15 Feb

A Gun Model Has Been Successfully Printed With a 3D Printer

Neometrix Technologies Company created a model gun with a high-tech 3D printer. Company CEO Dan Perrault told “Fox Life” how his company created the first 3D printed gun. According to him, the team downloaded a 3D model of a handgun from the Internet and then plugged it into the printer, which printed it layer by […]

14 Dec

Interview with the Winner of the Neo-Humanity Illustration Competition

Today we are going to introduce our readers to the winners of the Neo-Humanity Illustration Competition arranged by the “2045” Strategic Social Initiative in October 2012 and tell about their competitive artwork which was awarded 1st place by on-line voters. Scott Sturges, the founder of DreamSoft Inc., came across the info about the competition in […]

29 Nov

Narenda Modi: The Holographic Politician

Narenda Modi, an Indian politician, has begun to set a new course for political debate. Right on the heels of the American presidential elections, India is coming into its political season, although in a bit more high-tech style. For those of you who do not know Mr. Modi, or NaMo for short, he is the […]

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