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19 Nov

CyArk’s Crusade

Destruction of important, historical and meaningful landmarks and sites has been a challenge for mankind since day of completion. Sadly for most, the hopes of repair and restoration to once glory is far gone until recently. CyArk, a 3d scanning company path-leading the world Digital preservation has taken a crusade to go around the world […]

13 Sep

3-Sweep Technique Turns 2D Photos Into 3D Objects In Seconds

A group of computer science professors is working on a new interactive 3D modeling technique, which can easily extract objects from 2D photographs and turn them into 3D models in just seconds. The “3-Sweep” technique involves selecting the boundaries of objects with a series of easy tools, and then allowing the computing to fill in […]

26 Aug

3D Models of Unborn Babies Are Becoming Popular in Japan

The rapidly growing 3D printing technology is giving parents a much clearer view of their unborn baby. A Japanese company Fasotec is offering to print models of fetuses from inside pregnant womens’ stomachs – and even giving them a copy to take home as a memoir of their pregnancy. The process looks like an ordinary […]

25 Jul

London Science Museum Creates a 3D Model of a Shipping Gallery

The Science Museum (London) has created a stunning 3D virtual model of a shipping gallery closed last year. The model was made from over two billion laser measurements to represent 1800 recorded gallery objects. The gallery was laser-scanned by UCL and ScanLAB Projects using a pair of terrestrial laser scanners with 360-degree views. This enabled […]

17 Jul

Chicago Gets 3D Printed

Both printed and online maps serve for giving us an excellent perspective on the cities, towns, localities and other places. As for miniature city models, they can give us even better sense of location for every building and every street, creating an effect of real presence and participation. This idea provided the basis for the […]

14 May

New Budget iPhone in 3D

The budget iPhone, which will slated to be released in September, is now a subject of wide speculation. It is even rumored that it will steal Samsung’s market share since it perfectly combines a well-known brand and competitive pricing. While the new pricing, functionality and design estimates of the device appear to be stirring up […]

22 Apr

A Fully 3D-printed House To Be Built In Amsterdam

Dus Architects, an Amsterdam-based company, plans to print a house using a 3D printer. The printer will create the homes’ components and building materials right on the construction site! By the end of this year the fully printed facade of the building is going to be erected, while the rest of the project will take […]

16 Nov

Current Education: Changing the Dimension

By Christopher McFarland The election season has passed, yet I want to focus on something that was considered a “hot topic.” Education is something we all want to improve—for the youth of tomorrow and the adults of today. The educational system is changing, and people are being re-educated at all stages of life. I hope […]

26 Oct

3D Fashion and Marketing: Interactive Selling Gone Dutch

by Christopher McFarland Fall is here, and we all know that means new marketing campaigns. This season, fashion has moved into a new marketing realm: 3D interaction. Two major companies have begun to incorporate 3D technology to display and attract consumers to their newest clothing lines, including shoes, hats and jackets. German-based Adidas AG has […]

18 Oct

Cartoons in a New Format: The 3D World Continues to Rise

by Christopher McFarland My youth was full of cartoons and comics: in all honesty, you could not pull me away from either of these forms of entertainment when I was young. Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, G.I. Joe, and Yogi Bear were at the top of my cartoon list. They were something to talk about—soap operas for […]

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