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31 Mar

Unity Technologies Presented Forthcoming Features In Unity 5

The Unity Technologies team is about to release Unity 5, the latest version of its cross-platform game engine. It is available now for pre-order from the Unity Store. According to the company developers, the new capabilities of the Unity 5 include physically-based shaders, Real-time Global Illumination across high-end mobile, desktop and consoles, awesome audio, a […]

13 Feb

Build it and they will play and buy it

Car manufacturers are striving to bring attention to themselves and their products in the 2010’s with connections and love from avid fans from all corners of the auto industry to funnel into sales. Slowly but surely, the connection, the want-purchase-loyalty bind, is being harder and harder to produce these days, especially to the younger crowds […]

12 Feb

Dreamsoft3D created a 3D furniture configurator for TON furniture factory

Dreamsoft3D team has developed a 3D furniture configurator for TON furniture factory, which enables the user to easily create chairs and tables in 3D using an array of materials available, then view the resulted products at various angles with the help of the 360 degree view feature, and place an order. Technically, the engine helped […]

09 Jan

Intel Presented New 3D Technology

Intel recently announced the introduction of new 3D technology that would enable the use of voice, touch, gestures and other “human-like senses” in devices equipped with Intel microprocessors.

19 Nov

CyArk’s Crusade

Destruction of important, historical and meaningful landmarks and sites has been a challenge for mankind since day of completion. Sadly for most, the hopes of repair and restoration to once glory is far gone until recently. CyArk, a 3d scanning company path-leading the world Digital preservation has taken a crusade to go around the world […]

13 Sep

3-Sweep Technique Turns 2D Photos Into 3D Objects In Seconds

A group of computer science professors is working on a new interactive 3D modeling technique, which can easily extract objects from 2D photographs and turn them into 3D models in just seconds. The “3-Sweep” technique involves selecting the boundaries of objects with a series of easy tools, and then allowing the computing to fill in […]

25 Jul

London Science Museum Creates a 3D Model of a Shipping Gallery

The Science Museum (London) has created a stunning 3D virtual model of a shipping gallery closed last year. The model was made from over two billion laser measurements to represent 1800 recorded gallery objects. The gallery was laser-scanned by UCL and ScanLAB Projects using a pair of terrestrial laser scanners with 360-degree views. This enabled […]

14 May

New Budget iPhone in 3D

The budget iPhone, which will slated to be released in September, is now a subject of wide speculation. It is even rumored that it will steal Samsung’s market share since it perfectly combines a well-known brand and competitive pricing. While the new pricing, functionality and design estimates of the device appear to be stirring up […]

21 Mar

HP Creates New Glasses-free 3D Technology for Smartphones

Researchers at HP lab have developed a new multi-angle 3D technology for mobile devices which allows for playing hologram-like videos without the need for any moving parts or glasses. The technology is a small 3D display that can produce full-parallax 3D images and videos that are viewable from up to a meter, within a 90-degree […]

16 Nov

Current Education: Changing the Dimension

By Christopher McFarland The election season has passed, yet I want to focus on something that was considered a “hot topic.” Education is something we all want to improve—for the youth of tomorrow and the adults of today. The educational system is changing, and people are being re-educated at all stages of life. I hope […]

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