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05 Mar

3D animation / 3D Animation Company

The potential of 3D animation is endless, and it has yet to be fully discovered.  With the number of uses for 3D animation is constantly growing, 3D animation is now beyond movies and cartoons. It has found its way into architecture, product promotion and advertising – all in 3D. As virtual reality is becoming more […]

01 Mar

3D Games – Unity

What is so special about the Unity3d engine? How come it found its place among Top 10 Game Engines in next to no time? Why are Flash and Shockwave gradually giving way to it?  Let us have a closer look. Unity is more than a game engine; it’s a tool, which is multiply integrated with […]

29 Feb

3D Games

The extent that 3D has occupied our minds in the recent past few years is hard to deny.  The ability to watch a movie in 3D can be an explosion of the senses; but 3D movies were not meant to become the peak of what 3D technologies can offer. It is 3D gaming industry that […]

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