See-Through 3D Displays?

March 12, 2012 1 Comment by 3DBlog

By Christopher McFarland

A new question is popping up within the 3D technology industry: glasses or no glasses? Would you enjoy 3D technology if the glasses were obsolete? In my opinion the 3D experiences would be simply perfect if the glasses were taken away: they are such a bother! Living a 3D experience without any extra hardware would be the perfect 3D development!

In reaction to this discussion, Microsoft has been working on innovations to make our lives easier. A Microsoft intern explains that, “Our desktop experiences have not changed much from 2D interactions”. In order to enhance our experience the good people at the Microsoft Applied Sciences Group have been working on the “See-Through” 3D desktop.

In 2012, we are looking for technology that will push society towards a 3D web interface, and this technology is one that will allow for such experiences.

This 3D technology uses an OLED technology or organic light-emitting diode. The plastic looking display technology releases light in response to an electrical current. It reminds me of a clear plastic bottle that emits different colored light when electricity runs through it. Pretty cool!

Windows, in the display, are put in a 3D map that is accessibleto the hands, and this allows direct interaction with your computer’s data. Any screen that is open will be available, to be manipulated, in a 3D experience.

Using cameras, the “see-through” 3D desktop technology captures head movements to give the correct perspective when viewing and interacting with objects on the screen.  They hope to create a more “natural experience” for users of this 3D technology. Furthermore, this new 3D concept allows the user to move between 2D and 3D while using the “see-through” 3D desktop.

3D technology is piecing itself into a fully integrated 3D experience. Many companies are developing more 3D concepts that benefit the user in a variety of ways. I hope this technology has the ability to be marketed straight into my office!

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  1. Juan Salinas says:
    Monday, October 22, 2012 at 6:13am

    I cannot even imagine what it should look like. Interesting


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