Peachy Printer: The Newest Solution For The Household

October 18, 2013 No Comments by 3DBlog
With many common drawbacks hurdled, the known issues fixed and the innovations bar moved even higher, Rylan Grayston’s Peachy Printer is the newest solution for the household. Costing far less the the average 3D printer, the Peachy Printer costing only $100 is pursuing the marketable elements to a wider scale. With this selling point and with increased capabilities, Rylan is pushing a product that will not only strive to put a printer in households but giving far more expensive levels of detail for far less price. Using the unique approach of new methods of utilizing a sound card and drivers that plug right into a computers’ sound jack, the Peachy Printer gives 1/1000th of an inch scale precision without the use of a microconverter or other expensive and bulky utilities.
Using the sound jack – something nearly all computers hold, with the small, portable and inexpensive design, and capabilities to be used with a camera to become a 3D scanner, the Peachy Printer is bringing the 3D Printing industry to a more homely and everyday usability market.

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