Next Generation 3D PoS

November 25, 2014 No Comments by 3DBlog

Point of Sales material has always been a go to for new technology and approaches. Anything to swing a customer’s opinion, taste and ultimately, wallet towards a product. 3D technology recently has crossed the threshold for PoS devices. Display Mapper, a division of Projection Artworks has announced a 3D daylight-visible Mirrorbox. This freestanding box can beholds an immensely bright light and mirrors set within the box that can reflect and give great amounts of details and designs that can complement a physical product with. Enhancing the sales delivery of a product, the physical object can be placed in any sort of environment or have a specific background. With brilliant colors and designs giving great contrast and effects, this box will provide fantastic 3D mapping technology with low cost of running, install and easy to use and maintain.


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