Interview with the Winner of the Neo-Humanity Illustration Competition

December 14, 2012 No Comments by 3DBlog

Today we are going to introduce our readers to the winners of the Neo-Humanity Illustration Competition arranged by the “2045” Strategic Social Initiative in October 2012 and tell about their competitive artwork which was awarded 1st place by on-line voters.

Scott Sturges, the founder of DreamSoft Inc., came across the info about the competition in September and shared details with DreamSoft 3D team. The guys were excited about this challenging task and got down to it with enthusiasm. Maria Kovtun was the leading artist in that project, so let’s give the floor to her…

Maria, what were your first steps in this project?

As soon as I learned about the contest from my chief I started an investigation of the topic, competition details, as well as  previous competitions arranged by Russia 2045: I looked through their website, read about the Avatar project and became very interested in the coming event. From that point I started collecting ideas for my future work.

Could you please expand upon the process of concept creation? What were your initial ideas and how did they eventually transform into what we see in the final artwork?

At first the more I thought about the future of mankind, the more conflicting my emotions became, and I saw at least two development paths for people. The first path implied a sad outcome where people having set the highest priority for the technological breakthrough, turned into robots, rejected their human nature and forgot about their feelings, wishes, emotions and sensations. Only cold intellect rules the day. In this case it is very difficult to imagine what personal values will be prevalent for those beings and what is even more difficult is to foresee their actions towards other living beings.

Very pessimistic… I guess this concept eventually yielded to a more upbeat version?

Yes, just as I have already mentioned, there was another development path in my mind, and I liked it much more than the first one. I imagined people living in full harmony with nature and their own world of spirit, people that learn to perceive their inner selves and outer world, transforming their bodies so that they could see, hear and feel more things from unexplored parallel worlds and dimensions. They are inspired by new explorations and discoveries.

So when the finalized concept took shape, the next phase consisted of planning, which also had various ways of implementation. Please tell us more about the idea you fell back on to illustrate the concept and reflect all its details.

Having armed myself with this new concept, I started working on the sketches. On my first sketches I wanted to show a civilization that has found a way to use the power of the earth, sun, wind and water as alternative energy sources, which brings no damage to nature. People can now live high in the sky, deep under water or under the ground.

I discussed the concept with the team and they supported my vision and suggested some new ideas. Actually, those ideas helped me to fully reflect the concept in my work.

A man is shown in outer space without a spacesuit or a ship, his new avatar body generates an energy field that protects him from radiation and other adverse effects of the environment.

He meditates and watches the sun rising at the edge of the Earth, glassing itself in the water, and gleaming with all colors of the rainbow. He holds holographic models of the Sun and Earth in his hands. We can compare him with an artist that paints a picture admiring the beauty of the sunset.

Thanks for the interesting interview! I wish you inspiration, creativity and new achievements!

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