Coded Augmentation for the Next Generation

January 20, 2015 No Comments by 3DBlog
Augmented Reality is a growing source of 3D in the marketing and advertising world. Visualization for the consumer is a growing necessity. The ability to grab attention, enable interactivity and perform functions all within the hands is a game changer in the ever changing world to pull consumers to a product that is not there.
Virtualiis, a 3D augmentation app designed by Becky Lee from Australia is a new tool for business to direct consumers to a product in beautiful 3D ripped from off a code. Utilizing a printed code, the application pulls the consumer into the 3D right within their own hands off their smart phone. The 3D model can also be presented overlaying upon the real world environment. This function is incredibly useful for marketing and advertising campaigns that aren’t present but, in the speed of the fingertips, the user can scan the code and see the 3D anywhere. The next generation of advertising is going to be able to be pulled from off a magazine, newspaper, billboard or sign with the specific digital code and then be pulled up on the fly; effectively making billboards, signage, products and placement of another dimensional world to the consumer.

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