Build it and they will play and buy it

February 13, 2014 No Comments by 3DBlog
Car manufacturers are striving to bring attention to themselves and their products in the 2010’s with connections and love from avid fans from all corners of the auto industry to funnel into sales. Slowly but surely, the connection, the want-purchase-loyalty bind, is being harder and harder to produce these days, especially to the younger crowds whom don’t go foolishly with their wallets. With 3D being the visualization and ”hands on” connection nearly all brands and industries are going towards, it isn’t a surprise to see auto enthusiast go deep with customization and functional models. With taking the industries’ cars into the 3rd dimension, giving future or past buyers, fans and obsessed fans alike, their chance to do as they see fit to their purchases or future toys. Let the consumer see what they need, want and dream of owning.

This artist, like many out there, have built their dreams, building the cars they may never afford, with a 3D functioning model to do as one pleases, it closes the gap of dreaming and owning-even if just a virtual model. 3D modelling gives the highly competitive market insight of having people create and see what they will potentially buy a product shows, creating future buyers; loyal buyers



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