3D enhancing the Fashion industry

November 14, 2014 No Comments by 3DBlog
The growth of 3D is catching into all markets as we know. One industry that is exploring the future for 3D materials is the textiles and fashion industry. Within means of design, textures, trendiness, and workability, the fashion industry is looking to explore the traditional ways of swatches and product and material samples. By developing 3D material for the designs, textures and all other variables, companies, designers and fashion developers will be able to see how their products fit, look and of course, go in depth with the details of design. This is exactly what Lectra 3D held a conference about with some of the industry’s highest regarded companies and manufacturers. By taking the traditional approach and bringing it into the 3rd dimension, Lectra is looking to increase productivity, creativity and synergy amongst the industry’s chain of production.
What has always been an issue within the industry, the initial production sampling, the delays and production timelines beyond the visualization of how sizes, colors, textures and patterns correlate in reality, off the design board.  3D imagery and design throughout the industry will create a uniform and unique way allowing the trendsetters and designers visualize on another level than before. With this technology looking to be shared on the consumer end of this, as it has slowly come into play with the past 2-3 years, now designers and manufactures will be able to see what demands their bases are looking for in a HD 3D way. All of this within a streamlined and more efficient approach and flow for manufactures, designers, stores to conduct business with their consumers.


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