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March 5, 2012 No Comments by 3DBlog

The potential of 3D animation is endless, and it has yet to be fully discovered.  With the number of uses for 3D animation is constantly growing, 3D animation is now beyond movies and cartoons. It has found its way into architecture, product promotion and advertising – all in 3D.

As virtual reality is becoming more and more prevalent, the popularity of 3D animation has skyrocketed.  An individual’s virtual life is not any less important than their real one. In fact, they are gradually blending, thus creating a unique environment for developing 3D concepts, tools, and technologies.

How can 3D animation be used in architecture? First and foremost, it can be a progressive means for presenting 3D architectural design works in motion. And it’s not just ‘peeping-through-a-keyhole’ effect. You have the ability to walk in through the virtual door or fly in through the window and see everything with your own eyes, as if you were taking a tour through the real-life premises. Check this out:

Dreamsoft Nahui Tau Resort 3D Video

In other words, 3D animation helps to breathe in life into photorealistic 3D architectural design and make it even more real.

What about 3D animation for advertising and marketing purposes? The answer is evident. If you want your business partners to be amazed with how you present your company’s ideas and put forward business proposals, be the first to offer 3D flythrough presentations. As a business person you know what the ‘wow’ effect can do. This is how it may work for you:

Dreamsoft Demo Reel

3D animation can equally be used in education. 3D visualizations will make the learning process more interactive and interesting, thus making kids more involved. Isn’t that what teachers need?

3D videos for learning purposes are widely used at different school levels. Many colleges and universities have gone as far as using 3D simulations when training their students:

Equally, we shouldn’t forget about 3D animation in games – but we will leave this topic for now.

Also, for fun and enjoyment, don’t forget about 3D movies and cartoons. Do watch ‘Puss in Boots 3D’ – another bright example of 3D animation – we hope!

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